They manufactured the first Swiss Soldier Knife for the Swiss Army, and one has been issued to every enlisted person since then. In the Swiss manufacturer now known as Wenger also started making these knives, and the supply of the ‘Soldier’ knife was split in half across the two manufacturers by the Swiss military. The Victorinox company was started by Swiss cutler Karl Elsener. Many of the knives were originally sold through his mother’s hat shop in the German speaking town of Ibach. His mother’s name, Victoria, was where half the company’s eventual name would come from, the other half being ‘inox’, taken from the steel manufacturing breakthrough known as ‘inoxydable’ stainless in French, a reference to the stainless steel that was eventually used, and forever changed the cutlery business. A few years later the company was purchased by a number of entrepreneurs and renamed the Fabrique Suisse De Coutellerie SA. A short time later, Theo Wenger was hired and promoted to director. Both companies also started making knives for the general public, in addition to their military contracts, and it is these models typically with red handles!

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Manly Skills , Toolmanship Sharpen Up! I think sharpening edged tools is one of the more useful outdoor skills, and it has a glorious payoff in the home as well. The old days of nothing but Arkansas stones and a little luck are over. There are people way geekier than I who can give you a lesson on the finer points of the hundreds of different alloys with their various properties.

My preference in a good knife is a high carbon content. Super-high carbon content knives are almost always not stainless, but will discolor over time to a dull gray.

Nov 22,  · Home Knife Forum Specialty Forums European And Other Foreign Manufactured Knives Dating Henckels stuff This place is specifically allocated for discussing and showing off those knives from areas of the world other than the United States.

Historical[ edit ] The idea of incorporating several tools in one small portable unit is very old, dating back at least as far as Middle Roman times. Pocket knives[ edit ] Among the earliest contemporary examples is the Swiss Army knife as supplied by makers Victorinox and Wenger. The actual version supplied to the Swiss army includes a knife blade, a reamer , a bottle-opener — screwdriver — wire stripper , and a can-opener —screwdriver.

Besides Victorinox and Wenger, many other manufacturers now make similar knives. Other versions may include items like a nail file , tweezers , folding scissors , a tooth pick , a magnifying glass , screwdriver bits and others. There are also versions that have special tools for specific sports or outdoor activities like golf , horseback riding , hunting or fishing.

Versions intended for cyclists may have a selection of allen hex keys, a selection of wrenches, screwdrivers, a spoke key, and a chain-breaker. Folding multi-tools[ edit ] Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool In Tim Leatherman sold his first “Pocket Survival Tool”, [2] larger and more robust than a pocket-knife-based tool, and incorporating a set of needle-nosed pliers in a balisong -style mechanism. Too large for most pockets, it came with a belt pouch.

Today, Leatherman Tool Group manufactures and markets a variety of multi-tool models. Other multi-tools[ edit ] Survival Card In recent years, a number of urban and outdoor multi-tools have sprouted offering non-traditional tools one would not expect to find in a single unit. Substituting a toolbox, these multi-tools functions include a hammer, [3] spirit level, camera tripod, [4] LED light, lighter, [5] tape measure and an assortment of screwdriver bits.

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After we wrote the post, we started getting emails from men who were first time pocket knife owners asking how to sharpen their new prized possession. Important Caveats Before we start, I want to make clear that there are dozens of different ways to sharpen a knife. In the end, much of it comes down to personal preference. If you have an alternative method that you prefer, great.

Share it with us in the comments.

During the archaeological excavations conducted in these places numerous types of knives were found dating from the sixteenth century: fixed blades, swords, daggers and folding knives.

I know that when I set this blog up I told you guys that one of the things I would do is to dispel some all too often made myths or misnomers about knives. I know that most of you out there are aware of these misnomers, but I am doing it just the same to let some people out there who may not know of these myths in on them. Besides, it has been a really busy day at work and I am fried!

I just wanted to do something for you! Like I said I know a lot of you out there in internet reader-land have heard this but here I go: How many times have you been in a military knife shop like the one I manage or on a camping trip or some other activity with a bunch of dudes carrying knives? Someone spit out an old wives tale about tactical knives. Here is an example: Or what about this one: Or check this one out: If the knife you are working within the kitchen falls and hits the floor, then a family member is coming to visit.

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However, on the flip side, it depends on what you need the survival knife to do. Many people like a fixed blade, rather than a folding blade, to meet their survival situations. The majority of survival blades are available in stainless steel , which is nearly indestructible and rust free in various weather conditions.

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He fell, broke his hip, and passed away after several days of hospice care. We were close by throughout the ordeal, followed by days of family coming in and the subsquent funeral arrangements. That is why we are behind. Euclid Voyles was the best man at my wedding–and the best man throughout my life. There’s a photo here of a very young Mom and Dad with me on his shoulders. He carried me on his shoulders throughout his life in one way or another.

He was a volunteer fireman, and an EMT which he undertook after his pipefitter retirement. He was a man of mirth and humor, held a curiosity about everything and sometimes a mischievous personality. If he was around it would not be a boring day.

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This is the finest guided steeling product we’ve ever tested. Steeling your knives is one of the most productive methods for keeping kitchen knives sharp but it is also one of the most misunderstood. Unlike sharpening which removes metal from the edge, steeling is really aligning the edge in a less aggressive manner. A properly steeled edge has the knife edge in alignment so the edge cuts in a nice fine line.

An edge that is not properly aligned has a portion of the edge that is starting to fold over or is just out of alignment. By understanding the benefits of steeling, you can understand the limitations of steeling.

Bear & Son Cutlery, Inc. is an innovative American cutlery manufacturer. We offer high quality cutlery knives with a lifetime warranty and all of our knives are Made in America.

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Whether you need a skinner knife, a gut hook, a bowie knife for field dressing a deer, or just a plain general-purpose folding knife to take on your next camping trip, we’ve got you covered.

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First, it is a style of pocket knife. Second, there was the Barlow company in the USA that made and imported pocket knives, key tags, money clips, and other quality gift products, and put your logo on them. A barlow style knife has one or two blades, a huge metal bolster, and a comfortable tear-drop shaped handle. George Washington was known to have a barlow knife.

At least one song was written about the barlow knife. They had white domestic awnings in front, and the country-people hitched their horses to the awning-posts.

Vintage (made between and see chart below) Imperial PROV U.S.A. cracked ice 2 blade folding Jack Knife advertising The PREMIER AUTOWARE Company in Cleveland, Oh .

Multi-tool Multi-tool knives formerly consisted of variations on the American camper style or the Swiss Army knives manufactured by Victorinox and Wenger , however, the concept of a multitool knife has undergone a revolution thanks in part to an avalanche of new styles, sizes, and tool presentation concepts. These new varieties often incorporate a pair of pliers and other tools in conjunction with one or more knife blade styles, either locking or nonlocking. Multitool knives often have more than one blade, including an assortment of knife blade edges serrated, plain, saws as well as a myriad of other tools such as bottle openers , corkscrews , and scissors.

A large tool selection is the signature of the Swiss Army Knife. These knives are produced by Victorinox and Wenger and issued to military services and sold to the public. Similar to the Swiss Army knife is the German Army knife, with two blades opening from each side and featuring hard plastic grips and aluminum liners.

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Tweet Minimalism, to a degree, is an inherent part of everyday carry. But the concept of minimalism can also be applied directly to your gear in a different way — by paring down the form of the items themselves into just the bare essentials. For pocket knives, that means no excess bells and whistles. No unnecessary flourish to the form of the blade.

Case Knives, or W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company, is an American pocketknife manufacturer of premium, hand-crafted knives that are built to be passed down for generations.

Check back often – new products are being added all the time! While working for Wicked Edge, Bob realized how many people, even those who were crazy about knives, were just like he had been at one time and couldn’t get a knife sharp. Now he spends his time helping people learn about sharpening and in particular guided angle sharpening systems.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and quality products. We also provide technical and technique support, so feel free to call or email us with any questions about the products we sell. Oldawan is an alternate spelling for Oldowan or Olduwan. Oldawan refers to the oldest-known stone tool industry of humankind.

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Blaisdell, to the many Zippo employees, customers, and collectors who have played a part in its year history. Blaisdell watched a friend awkwardly using a cumbersome Austrian-made lighter. The lighter worked well, even in the wind, due to the design of the chimney. But its appearance was utilitarian.

What is a tourne knife used for? up vote 3 down vote favorite. For my birthday, I was given a collection of more or less esoteric knives, such as two mezzalunas (one with one handle, and one with two), a sicle knife and a tourne knife. About the sharpening; I have a Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker kit, which works very well for these oddly.

That day came on Christmas when I was seven years old. I carried that thing with me as much as I could. For me, pocket knives are the apotheosis of form and function. I love the look and feel of an old Case pocket knife with its handsome faux bone handle. Even the simple design of the Swiss Army knife evinces a distinct charm. But what I like most about pocket knives is how damn handy they are. Why are there different blade shapes in my trapper knife?

I wanted to move beyond simply thinking pocket knives were cool to really understanding their features and inner workings, so I set out on a research project. Types of Pocket Knives There are many different kinds of pocket knives and below we describe all the major types, as well as offer a little history as to how they came to be. These proto-pocket knives were small and folded which made for safe and easy carrying.

Blades were made from iron or bronze and handles were made from bone or wood. A bone handle folding knife dating from BC has been found in Austria while several pre-Roman folding knives have been found in Spain. They merely swiveled on a pivot.

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Knife throwing is as much of an art as it is a hobby because it requires concentration, practice and skill that will impress anyone in sight. While you can throw any knife at a target, it won’t provide the precision and accuracy of a throwing knife specifically designed for the task. Our selection of throwing knives has something for knife throwers of all levels and includes everything from throwing axes to throwing cards. If you’re interested in becoming skilled in the art of knife throwing, check out our beginners guide to throwing knives for everything you need to know about getting started.

Our lightest knives, the Ultralights are super slim, durable, with the largest possible blades we could fit! SERE Strength, power, and heritage: the SERE packs a VG blade, G10 scales, and stainless liners into a high performance knife.

The first of this ‘updated’ version of Alan’s Pioneer, which was the model he first introduced as his 25yr. Alan has kept the same blade shape but given the knife a new handle shape, which is very comfortable in the hand. Complete with studded Abi sheath. Brand new from Maker. A rare offering from Bob and not often seen on “this side of the pond”.

These fillets knives are quickly snapped up by buyers in the USofA and this one may well end up over there.

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