Love4Life is a FitzRoy friendship and dating project covering Hampshire. We have been running for ten years previously called Stars in the Sky , and we have a large and growing membership base. This group means everything to me. Thanks to it I have met some lovely people and it has helped build my confidence. Tash, Love4Life member Join us We are dedicated to providing life-changing opportunities for people with learning disabilities to develop and sustain friendships and relationships. We have had many successful matches. Events to look forward to include: Love Life members have access to Safe dating Love4Life members are matched by age, location, likes, dislikes, hobbies, and interests. When a match is made, members are contacted and a date is arranged.


Acquired through the Lillie P. Bliss Bequest Gallery label text: In thick sweeping brushstrokes, a flamelike cypress unites the churning sky and the quiet village below. The village was partly invented, and the church spire evokes van Gogh’s native land, the Netherlands. The Museum of Modern Art, revised , originally published , p. Van Gogh’s night sky is a field of roiling energy.

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In the case of some shorter works, the entire song is included. And as we wind on down the road our shadows taller than our soul there walks a lady we all know who shines white light and wants to show how everything still turns to gold and if you listen very hard the tune will come to you at last when all are one and one is all to be a rock and not to roll. How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind, but now I see. Through many dangers, toils, and snares, I have already come: And I’d love to be with you if only I could.

We’re captive on the carousel of time. We can’t return, we can only look Behind from where we came, And go round and round and round in the circle game. Racing around to come up behind you again. The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older. Shorter of breath and one day closer to death. Are you sorry we drifted apart? Does your memory stray to a bright sunny day?

Undateables star inspires mother’s dating venture

June 28, An inventive approach suggests that the solar neighborhood is a mix of nursery and nursing home. Artist’s conception of a binary pair of white dwarfs. An analysis of several thousand white dwarfs suggests that star formation peaked twice in the solar neighborhood. When did our nearest few thousand neighbors start their lives as stars? These are some very basic questions that are difficult to answer because of one simple fact:

The “Sky” co-stars were surrounded with dating rumors when the two stars were reportedly spotted “making out” in a New York dive bar a few months ago. But the rumors, later, appear to be untrue.

Share shares And, when this planetary alignment occurred in 6 BC, Aries was also the location of the vernal equinox. For the Magi, the Zoroastrian priests of ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia — also known as the Three Wise Men or Three Kings — this alignment in Aries would have symbolized the birth of a newborn ruler in Judea. Jupiter and the moon together represented the birth of a ruler with a special destiny, while Saturn was the symbol of giving life, according to Mathews.

A new study of historical, astronomical, and biblical records suggests the event in 6 BC was actually a rare planetary alignment, during which the sun, Jupiter, the moon, and Saturn all lay in the constellation Aries And, so was the presence of Aries in the vernal equinox, which marks the start of spring.

But even then, vernal equinox would not be in Aries. Even calculating , years into the future, the researcher says no alignment like the one now known as the Christmas Star could be found. The researcher could help to explain the true nature of the elusive star, and Mathews is working on a book about his findings. And they wouldn’t have found an infant swaddled in a manger. After all, the baby was already eight months old by the time they decoded the astrological message they believed predicted the birth of a future king.

The portent began on April 17 of 6 B. It lasted until December 19 of 6 B. By the earliest time the men could have arrived in Bethlehem, the baby Jesus would likely have been at least a toddler. He claims Matthew may have written to convince his readers that Jesus was the prophesied Messiah.


This expanding nebula was created by a Type II supernova explosion, which was seen from Earth on July 4, It was bright enough to be observed during the day, and is mentioned in Chinese historical texts. However, the remnant itself was not discovered until , when John Bevis found it. This system consists of a spectral class B3 star being orbited by a less massive class A4 star.

The plane of their orbit lies almost along the line of sight to the Earth.

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Prehistory[ edit ] The oldest known star chart may be a carved ivory Mammoth tusk that was discovered in Germany in This artifact is 32, years old and has a carving that resembles the constellation Orion. This is dated from 33, to 10, years ago. Rappenglueck has suggested that a panel in the same caves depicting a charging bison, a man with a bird’s head and the head of a bird on top of a piece of wood, together may depict the summer triangle , which at the time was a circumpolar formation.

The bovine in this panel may represent the constellation Taurus , with a pattern representing the Pleiades just above it. The oldest accurately dated star chart appeared in ancient Egyptian astronomy in BC. It is the oldest surviving depiction of the ancient Greek constellations, and includes grid circles that provide coordinate positions.

Stars in the Sky (Learning Disabled)

Although the exact values for the luminosity, radius, mass parameter, and mass may vary slightly in the future due to observational uncertainties, the IAU nominal constants will remain the same SI values as they remain useful measures for quoting stellar parameters. Large lengths, such as the radius of a giant star or the semi-major axis of a binary star system, are often expressed in terms of the astronomical unit — approximately equal to the mean distance between the Earth and the Sun million km or approximately 93 million miles.

In , the IAU defined the astronomical constant to be an exact length in meters: Stellar evolution Stars condense from regions of space of higher matter density, yet those regions are less dense than within a vacuum chamber. These regions — known as molecular clouds — consist mostly of hydrogen, with about 23 to 28 percent helium and a few percent heavier elements. One example of such a star-forming region is the Orion Nebula.

The earliest recorded astronomical observation is the Nebra sky disk from northern Europe dating approximately 1, BC (see above). This 30 cm bronze disk depicts the Sun, a lunar crescent and stars (including the Pleiades star cluster).

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Peter used the sky as a proof that Messiah had come, but which sky did he use? A body of scholarly work addresses the date of the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. This body of work, together with Roman and Jewish histories, archaeoastronomy and the words of the Bible allow us to identify the day and almost the moment of his death. That is an extraordinary claim.

The Game of Thrones star will present at the awards show alongside his co-star Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington & Rose Leslie’s Wedding Date Will Bring All The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Stars Together By.

Going out for a meal? Taking your loved one to the cinema? Snuggling up together on the sofa? Being in a relationship is something that many people take for granted. Ian Hargreaves Others are out enjoying single life — meeting new people, going out on dates. Imagine how hard it would be if you suffered from a learning disability. You would still have that normal desire to be in a relationship or to have a sexual experience, but not only do you have the pressure of dating, you have to find someone willing to accept you for, well, being you.

Learning disability and all.

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