And yet gun dealers tell me that snub-nose, small-frame. A Western police department that has issued autoloaders since most of its oldest lawmen were rookies recently bought a huge number of. I recently ran two classes in which the top shot in each also happened to be the lone wheelgunner in each. Not too long ago, a USPSA Master shooter in Florida, known locally for his skill, was involved in a shootout with multiple armed robbers. Long story short, he survived unscathed and even prevailed. The gun that saved his life? There are reasons why so many see the revolver as obsolescent, but there are also reasons why it has risen from the dead and still walks among us.

Dating an old Colt

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Feb 19,  · TXX was made after The Colt serial number records are only publicly available up to which started with T To get a production year, just call Colt during normal business hours, and they will give you a date over the phone.

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COLT PYTHON [357 Magnum]

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NEW Colt SAA, Single Action Army, chambered in 38 WCF ( Winchester), 4 3/4″ barrel. The serial number dates the gun to Frame has no finish and has turned a dark brown. There are no Colt markings on the left side except for the VP mark on the forward trigger guard.

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The revolver I received was well fitted with much tighter tolerances than the Swiss Arms I had bought previously but from the varying reviews for both the Colt Python and the almost identical Swiss Arms , that may not indicate that the Colt is superior to the Swiss Arms revolver as a rule. It was in the case of each one I received but there is more to tell later.

I had determined not to buy the Colt due to the bold, white-lettered paragraph placed on the right side of the frame. This kept the rating down as the graphics designer who did this should find work elsewhere as this is a horrendous scar on an otherwise very attractive revolver.

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The Colt Python is considered by many to be the best production revolver ever made. Authored by Staff Writer. The Colt Python is regarded by many gun purists and firearms experts as quite possibly the finest double-action revolver ever made. Colt introduced its Python series to the civilian and law enforcement markets in and branded it a premium-class revolver. Of note was the fact that the Python represented Colt’s first “all-new” revolver design since the turn of the century.

Official Python production ceased in , forty-one years since inception of the gun and the family line was formally discontinued in Regardless, the Python remains a fan-favorite among all levels of users and collectors – and even royalty worldwide. The Python was conventional in its form and function.

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For me, that gun was a six-inch barreled Colt Python. I had some good reasons for not buying it. I was in the US Army at the time, stationed at Ft. The year was , and I was a PFC assigned to a motor transport company. Your gun had to be registered with the company and secured in the armory. It had to be checked out and turned back in like any other weapon, and personal concealed carry has been strictly forbidden on stateside military bases since the Nixon administration.

Colt Python owners can identify the general date of their weapon’s manufacture by checking for certain characteristics, such as the serial number sequencing and gun finish.

Description[ edit ] The Colt Python is a double action handgun chambered for the. Pythons have a reputation for accuracy, smooth trigger pull, and a tight cylinder lock-up. Pythons have a distinct appearance due to a full barrel underlug, ventilated rib and adjustable sights. When the revolver is at full cock, just as the trigger is pressed, the cylinder locks up for the duration of the hammer strike.

Other revolvers have a hint of looseness even at full-cock. The gap between the cylinder and forcing cone is very tight, further aiding accuracy and velocity. In a follow-up letter to distributors, the company cited changing market conditions and the costs of defending lawsuits as the reasons for the discontinuation of the Python line, as well as a number of other models. Colt Python Target, 8 inch barrel. The Python was originally available in two finishes:

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Their place in history is significant if not downright important, and people will always be fascinated by that. Enter the Colt Python. Those figures were obtained from sale averages achieved by Rock Island Auction Company and they are a direct representation of what the market will support because it did. Finding the upward trend is not difficult. Our December Premiere Firearms Auction contained a good selection of Colt snake guns and our auction hall absolutely came alive when it was time for them to cross the auction block.

Every phone line was filled and online bidders began to make their presence felt as numerous collectors scrambled to own one of the popular revolvers. A feeding frenzy had begun. These numbers were not rare! It could indicate an extremely interesting trend for those who seek or collect these revolvers.

High Quality The issue of high quality has not been an issue for the Colt Python. If anything, there is the rumor that later quality Pythons fell away a bit from their initial high quality. In fact, when it was introduced in it was done as a premium revolver, designed to compete with the finest double actions available. A number of its design aspects such as its balance, weight, smooth trigger, and small tolerances gave the gun a refined feel, high accuracy, and reliability that few have matched.

Colt Python: How to verify finish type?

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The invention of the Colt Revolver happened at the right place and in the right time. The expanding aspect of America at that time and the need for defense against superior numbers played to the strengths of Samuel Colt’s invention. Colt’s revolver was a mixture of simplicity and power that filled a hole in the market of the day for a multi.

Colt Pythons are no longer made. You can buy an HK any day of the week. The Pythons are in the range here,they may be higher where you are at. The Python is the better value. FWIW, they were the best Colt had to offer at the time they were the flagship of revolvers. Their main disavantage was that the lockwork was somewhat fragile. Heavy loads would pound them and they would go out of time eventually. If you dont shoot it everyday, it takes a while for this to happen.

They were offered 4″ 6″ and 8″. Ive seen a couple chopped to 2″ over the years but it was kindof a moot point as there were smaller colts to carry if you wanted a concealable revolver.

History Of: The Colt Python

This page is for reference purposes only; these services are no longer available. Colt Revolvers If I could be known for one specialty, it would be Colt revolvers. Which Colt revolvers do I work on? Thus was born my Master Action Tune, and is type of action work associated with the Colt master gunsmiths of old.

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Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window For most of a century, the. If regular, everyday folks were inclined to buy a defensive DA revolver in any bore larger than a. While the 9mm has almost entirely replaced the. That usually meant fixed sights, utilitarian finishes, standard narrow hammers and triggers, and relatively small grip panels.

Agencies bought them by the thousands, and officers who were either required or allowed to buy their own duty equipment did, too. Built on a mid-sized, square-butt frame and introduced in as a slightly upgraded version of the older Army Special revolver dating back to , the Colt Official Police was manufactured to the tune of over , units before it was dis-continued in , making it the highest- volume DA revolver at Colt and one of the most successful handgun models ever produced worldwide.

Blued models were the most common, but nickel was available. Born in , it was a trade-in gun owned—but never issued or fired—by the Salt Lake City Police Department until it cleared out old armory stock a few years back.

Colt Python that was almost stolen

William Mason and Charles Brinckerhoff Richards who had developed a number of revolvers and black powder conversions for the company. Their effort was designed for the United States government service revolver trials of by Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company and adopted as the standard military service revolver. Relative to period cartridges and most later handgun rounds, it was quite powerful in its full loading.

By the end of , serial no.

The year/serial numbers under Colt SP series was forwarded to me by an individual whose return address I no longer have. Double asterisk (**) under Bushmaster, a person on the internet e-mailed me that he had a lower that was shipped stripped (thus not a complete rifle) in from Bushmaster with serial #XX – ALWAYS CALL TO VERIFY.

One Gun Many variations Throughout the years, the Dan Wesson series of revolvers has retained a loyal, and dedicated following. This despite the rising and falling tides of the company, the difficulty of supply, and uncertainty over parts, and some years of rather uneven quality. Through it all, these have retained their popularity, because they remain the most versatile, accurate revolvers made. Innovation, and versatility have become the hallmark of the Dan Wesson company.

I have, over the years, owned a number of these ground breaking revolvers. In an era in which the cutting edge of handgun development is assumed to be well centered within the realm of the automatic pistol, Dan Wesson saw a future in innovation of the revolver. The most striking feature of the gun is the capability of changing barrel length, by the use of an ingenious system of interchangeable barrels and shrouds. While there are other unique qualities to the Dan Wesson series, the fame of the system rests on the barrels.

Even so, many if not most, Dan Wesson owners stick to a single barrel length, and often can not even recall the location of the tool used to change the barrel.

Colt Python