Skeleton , May Skeleton Technologies, which on Tuesday was announced as a Global Cleantech company, will use the KIC InnoEnergy investment to further optimize electrode and cell design to allow for higher working voltages. CDC differs significantly from regular activated carbons, which are used by other ultracapacitor manufacturers. Featuring finely engineered, consistent pore size, this patented material guarantees a very large accessible surface area, and a perfect match for the electrolyte ions. This enables twice as much energy storage capacity and five times higher power performance compared to other ultracapacitors. The high degree of purity of curved graphene also ensures up to two times higher current tolerance, and four times lower resistance. With funds now in place, work will begin to develop electrodes that can fully capitalize on the performance advantages offered by CDC. These electrodes will then be integrated into smaller modules, reducing both the weight and cost of the final energy storage system.

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Advancing entrepreneurship research from traits to competencies: Accordingly, using Behavioral Event Interviews and a thematic analysis method Boyatzis, , we assess a set of personal entrepreneurial competencies and examine its influence on entrepreneurial performance of a sample of new ventures in the European cleantech sector. Theory of planned behavior; career choice intentions research in general; individual-level variables background and motives ; family business literature; institutional theory; among others.

Forum is the pan-European event in Baden-Württemberg to support researchers, Dr. Christian Müller, CEO Kic InnoEnergy Germany GmbH Matchmaking in early innovation phases Potential applications in industry (market niches, increased productivity).

Last modified by claudiogeyken on Dec 9, Job offer application documents to be sent to claudio. Those people, and the more to come as we expand and grow, will have a life career, change jobs, change seniority, be CEOs or technicians, be students or entrepreneurs or executives or researchers, be directly involved or not in KIC activities, but in any place or in any role or in any responsibility they will be contributors to the evolution of the energy system.

In , major achievements consisted in implementation of community events such as the speaker series, the AlumniUnite and others in order to have places where the different community members have the chance to create business opportunities and to increase their loyalty towards KIC InnoEnergy. Also community services in form of mentoring, training programs for further training and giving back to the community were offered.

Furthermore, possibilities to contribute in the best of class, newly implemented online community are being launched at the end of the year For , the main focus will be in scaling up the online community, creating engagement. Moreover, the consolidation of continuous local community events via the help of community representatives and the main alumni event, AlumniUnite will help strengthen the loyalty via more tangible face-to-face interactions. Collaborating with many functions across different cultures including; students, entrepreneurs, innovators, operations personnel and other stakeholders, you will assist with the strategic and operational duties associated with creating, managing, and growing, engaged online communities.

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Inzetten op warmtevoorziening De provincie Gelderland heeft een energie transitieprogramma waarin de brede mix van hernieuwbare energie is verwoord. Dus naast zon en wind ook warmte. Warmtevoorziening is heel belangrijk. En als je kijkt naar Gelderland en bijvoorbeeld naar de stadsregio Arnhem — Nijmegen, dan zie je dat daar een aantal afvalinstallaties staan die met restwarmte werken.

Powered by KIC InnoEnergy Pioneering change in sustainable energy. Tijdens het event kom ik graag in contact met beslissers en ontwikkelaars.” Matchmaking met drankje (mede.

Regionale hotspots zijn geografische clusters van bedrijven, kennisinstellingen en andere partners die een netwerk vormen en zich samen richten op innovatie. Brainport Eindhoven is een voorbeeld van een regionale hotspot die een groeiend regionaal netwerk van steden, bedrijvenclusters en onderzoekscampussen omvat. De Raad adviseert de rijksoverheid hotspots van nationaal belang te identificeren en te steunen.

Het gaat om clusters die van betekenis zijn voor de economie en de topsectoren, en die bijdragen aan het publieke belang of de internationale positie van Nederland. De Raad adviseert het Rijk deze clusters vanuit bestaande financieringsbronnen te steunen en verbindingen tussen hotspots te leggen. Ik onderschrijf de analyse van de AWTI. Het advies geeft inzicht in de wijze waarop bedrijven, kennisinstellingen en overheden kunnen bijdragen aan de verdere ontwikkeling van regionale clusters.

In het vervolg van deze brief geef ik mijn reactie op de opvattingen van de raad. In de Wetenschapsvisie Het kabinet wil de Nederlandse wetenschap versterken door zich onder andere te richten op de regio als punt waar de verbindingen tussen wetenschap, bedrijfsleven, maatschappelijke organisaties en overheden samenkomen. De regionale clusters spelen een belangrijke rol in de verbinding tussen bedrijfsleven en onderzoek.

Het doel van deze samenwerking is het stimuleren van innovatie bij bedrijven en kennisinstellingen. Ik hecht aan het stimuleren en ondersteunen van regionale clusters die van betekenis zijn voor de economie, de topsectoren, het publiek belang en de internationale positie van ons land.

Minesto Secures KIC InnoEnergy Funding for Deep Green

Ki Luft- und Kaeltetechnik. Deutscher Kaelte- und Klimatechnischer Verein. International Institute of Refrigeration. The quality of the heat contact existing between adsorbent and cooled surface has a decisive influence on pumping speed. By gluing the adsorbent onto the surface by means of a water glass-talcum mixture, the pumping speed, as compared to that of the loose layers, could be increased by a factor of about

Polish startup EasySolar has received the investment support of the largest Venture Capital in Europe (KIC Innoenergy), for developing first in the world, the complex mobile app for designers, sales reps, and managers from the photovoltaic industry.

Transcription 1 Company s data and the respective innovation setting Name: Nice to have A competitive advantage Necessary for survival Do you have a defined innovation strategy? Yes No Do you have defined innovation objectives? Yes No Do you have a defined innovation process? Yes No Who is responsible? General Manager Head of department: What are triggers and catalysts for innovation in your organisation?

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Creative Speed Dating Questions? AskReddit 7 Oct Careers Speed Dating In a fast paced, 6 minute slot, students asked a barrage of questions of the Year 11 students did themselves proud. Speed Dating with a CEO groups of students in order to tell their stories and answer any burning questions. How does role-playing during speed-dating affect student learning?

For us, it is a strategic investment and we look forward to promote and support the company Minesto to become a leading actor within the marine energy sector,“ said Mikel Lasa, CEO of KIC InnoEnergy .

Published on 6 February EasySolar was founded in with the goal of simplifying the process of evaluating sites for solar installations. For most companies, it remains a time-consuming and complex process. It requires using data from spreadsheets, pictures, documents, and even AutoCAD drawings. However, for companies that have adopted EasySolar, they have a single application that handles it all.

When the founders started, they were focused on building a tool that simply captured all the data required for creating a proposal. Over time, as more and more companies started using it, it became clear that the tool had to do more than just capture data. Since then, the capabilities have been extended to include automated proposal generation, financial analysis, and CRM functions. With that integration, it is now possible to shorten the sales process from days or weeks to hours.

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Are you looking for a partner to help you bring your innovation in the energy field to the market with the goal to achieve global success? And do you fulfill the application criteria? Apply today Sustainable energy: But transforming the spark of an idea into a successful and marketable product can be a long and complex journey. Technical expertise, commercial awareness and access to a variety of skills and resources are critical. We are looking for businesses with the next big innovation in sustainable energy.

Participated in the organization of various job fairs and educational events. Member KIC InnoEnergy Alumni. May Environment. Participated in the organization of global Alumni and Students Meeting. Skills & Endorsements. Join LinkedIn to see Ivan’s skills, endorsements, and .

Rallentamenti, in serata, sulla A4 Venezia Trieste. Divieto di transito per i mezzi pesanti, sia sabato sia domenica dalle 7 del mattino alle 24, I giorni della settimana sono caratterizzati da colori diversi: Autovie Venete raccomanda agli utenti di informarsi prima di partire, di mantenere uno stile di guida corretto e di rispettare le norme del codice della strada, in particolare il mantenimento della distanza di sicurezza.

La trasgressione di questa regola, infatti, rappresenta la causa principale dei tamponamenti. Programma di questo fine settimana. Con lo sguardo rivolto verso il cielo stellato, scoprire stelle e costellazioni e, come in un libro di favole, sfogliare pagina per pagina le emozionanti storie che racchiudono. La foresta Regionale di Cuma si racconta in equilibrio tra immagini, musica jazz dal vivo, teatro, danza e prosa.

Lo spettacolo racconta della ferita inferta a questo territorio… dei suoi valori ancora presenti e da sostenere con coraggio e rinnovata speranza. Tutti i giorni di luglio la Fabies organizza il campus diurno estivo nel bosco di Cuma e i week end family.


E-mail Master students and EIT alumni: Open innovation is at the core of the entire European Institute of Innovation and Technology. And that is exactly why students and alumni from three KICs, namely EIT Digital, InnoEnergy and Climate-KIC are organising a weekend event to work together on the multi-disciplinary challenges of today and tomorrow within an entrepreneurial context. EIT Alumni Startup Days are taking place simultaneously in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Stockholm in the weekend 6 – 8 November At EIT Digital, students understand that in order to rethink the fundamental ways, in which they generate ideas and bring them to market, they need to harness external ideas while leveraging their internal capabilities.

During their study at the 2-year EIT Digital Master School, it was important to learn the steps to get closer to a business success. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme was of added value to gain business insights.

Supplier Diversity speaks to minority concerns regarding new construction reform law with groundbreaking matchmaker event. As a result of Ohio’s new construction reform law, Kent State University’s Procurement Department recently held a matchmaking event for construction management companies and diverse construction companies at the Kent Student Center.

EUSEW comprende varie iniziative: Soggetti pubblici e privati. Tecnologie ICT per vivere bene. Innovazione, i cui obiettivi specifici sono i seguenti: Basso inquinamento, i cui obiettivi specifici sono i seguenti: Adottare strumenti di politica integrata transnazionale per il basso inquinamento; 4e. Spazio Alpino Vivibile, cui obiettivi specifici sono i seguenti: