Profile Building My first piece of advice is be honest. Yes, men actually read your profile. Stay away from pictures of you and ten friends. Make it EASY for men to see you, and what you look like in body and face. I think women as well as men sometimes forget that this is more like window shopping. You need to look your best. The better the picture, the better the quality, the better chance you have at getting a message. Look your best and have some confidence.


No White Men cannot jump kings. A sequence must capture the maximum possible number of pieces. If more than one sequence qualifies, the capture must be done with a king instead of a man. If more than one sequence qualifies, the one that captures a greater number of kings must be chosen. If there are still more sequences, the one that captures a king first must be chosen.

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Now that I have some bandwidth again, I am getting back to work on several pet projects including the Amazon EC2 Cluster. I’m giving an EC2 talk at Pycon in March, so I’m really on the hook to wrap up that series of posts now. The event which prompted this long overdue blog post was another pet project: I keep an eye on topics of interest using del. The site apparently developed from his work on The Open Library.

Over the past year, I’ve been tagging interesting data I find on the web in del. I wrote a quick python script to pull the relevant links from my del.

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History[ edit ] According to University of Southern California historian Jacob Soll , the term “think tank” is modern, but “it can be traced to the humanist academies and scholarly networks of the 16th and 17th centuries. A tradition of hiring teams of independent lawyers to advise monarchs about their financial and political prerogatives against the church spans from Charlemagne all the way to the 17th century, when the kings of France were still arguing about whether they had the right to appoint bishops and receive a cut of their income.

Carnegie charged trustees to use the fund to “hasten the abolition of international war, the foulest blot upon our civilization. Brookings and was conceived as a bipartisan “research center modeled on academic institutions and focused on addressing the questions of the federal government. Until the s, most think tanks were known only by the name of the institution. During the Second World War, think tanks were often referred to as “brain boxes” [6] after the slang term for skull.

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There are a number of problems with clustering. Clustering Algorithms Clustering algorithms may be classified as listed below: Exclusive Clustering Hierarchical Clustering Probabilistic Clustering In the first case data are grouped in an exclusive way, so that if a certain datum belongs to a definite cluster then it could not be included in another cluster. A simple example of that is shown in the figure below, where the separation of points is achieved by a straight line on a bi-dimensional plane.

On the contrary the second type, the overlapping clustering, uses fuzzy sets to cluster data, so that each point may belong to two or more clusters with different degrees of membership. In this case, data will be associated to an appropriate membership value. Instead, a hierarchical clustering algorithm is based on the union between the two nearest clusters. The beginning condition is realized by setting every datum as a cluster.

After a few iterations it reaches the final clusters wanted. Finally, the last kind of clustering use a completely probabilistic approach. In this tutorial we propose four of the most used clustering algorithms: K-means Hierarchical clustering Mixture of Gaussians Each of these algorithms belongs to one of the clustering types listed above.

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Skip to main content. List of Pay Per Article Websites. Do you want to get paid to write? Most of these sites pay around per article, and some of them even pay http: They do accept reported features and other article types, and pay rates may vary for those.

Úřad amerického prezidenta Donalda Trumpa v pondělí požádal nejvyšší soud, aby mu umožnil zrušit program pro dětské přistěhovalce DACA.

Raden Wijaya allied himself with the Mongol forces, and defeated Jayakatwang. After this victory, Raden Wijaya was allowed to return to his capital for the alleged purpose of preparing the tribute due to the Yuan Dynasty. Raden Wijaya had no intention of becoming a vassal of the Mongols and decided to drive the expedition force out of Java. The demoralized Mongols withdrew to their ships and sailed back to China, after losing over men. Additionally, due to its strategic position on the spice trade route, the Majapahit Empire grew immensely wealthy by levying duties on goods shipped through its area of control.

The golden age of the Majapahit Empire, however, is said to have been during the reign of Hayam Wuruk, the fourth ruler of the empire. Hayam Wuruk, who ruled from to , was assisted by an equally formidable prime minister, Gajah Mada. Although Gajah Mada died around , the expansion of the empire continued. By , the entire Malay Archipelago, with the exception of Sri-Vijaya and two of its colonies, were conquered by the Majapahit Empire.

The Kingdom of Singapura, an offshoot of Sri-Vijaya, was also later conquered. Nevertheless, this rival was not entirely destroyed, and its descendants would later return to cause trouble to the Majapahit Empire.

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From Earliest Days to the Second World War, military history and naval analyst Norman Friedman presents his many years of research in providing an original and meticulous history of the British Royal Navy’s combat ship, the destroyer. Beginning with its predecessors and prototypes from the s through the First World War and on to the s before turning the focus on British destroyers during the Second World War, this compendium is superbly enhanced with numerous photographs as well as accurately detailed ship plans drawn by A.

Of special note is the development of the torpedo as both an offensive and defensive naval weapon and hallmark of destroyer armaments. Of considerable interest is the history of how the British utilized American provided destroyers.

RECON: a reciprocal recommender for online dating L Pizzato, T Rej, T Chung, I Koprinska, J Kay Proceedings of the fourth ACM conference on Recommender systems, ,

The Olympiad has two stages: It is a top-level contest – the problems on the Olympiad meet the level of the Russian Olympiad in Informatics. Scholarship – winners of the second on-site stage will have an opportunity to be enrolled in Innopolis University without any admission tests. Prizes — participants with the best results at the online contest will be invited to the final stage to Innopolis, the final stage winners will receive valuable prizes and souvenirs.

Accommodation and meals are covered by the organizing committee. To find out more about the Olympiad, please, visit our page: You may participate on both dates; the organizing committee will consider your best result. Registration is open until December 1, Participation is free of charge. The second stage on-site contest will take place in Innopolis city on February , Stay in touch Subscribe to our Telegram account to receive quick information and reminders, Contact us via e-mail: Bubble Cup is an international, ACM-style team contest aimed at university and high school students.

The Chobot site (Alberta, Canada) cannot provide evidence of a cosmic impact 12,800 y ago

Once upon a time, online daters were mocked as lonely losers, or worse. Today, at least 40 million Americans are looking for love on the Web. Like sex, love and attraction, online dating is an object of fascination and confusion.

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For years, following a course on paleography from Professor Jean Preston, then Curator of Rare Books at Princeton University Library, I would purchase manuscript leaves, hoping to use these in teaching such courses to scholars desiring to edit medieval texts. But later living as a hermit in one room above Florence did not give me space to teach nor a spare room to give hospitality to such a scholar.

So this screen became the classroom, you the student. That has now all changed. The Times said the earliest intact codex to survive was found under the head of a twelve-old slave girl buried in a pauper’s grave in Egypt, that it was her beloved Psalter Times 14 September But the early Christians were still using rotuli, a fresco of St Petronilla, St Peter’s daughter, showing her in the Catacombs of Domitilla with a circular leather box, a capsa, stuffed full of such rotuli, an entire Bible, at her side, a bound Bible as codex at her side.

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