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huda smitshuijzen abifarès: interview / typographic matchmaking in the city

Arabic Typesetting contains layout information and glyphs to support all of the required features for the Arabic script and language systems supported. The Arabic Typesetting font is available for download in the Appendix of this document Character composition and decomposition Feature Tag: This feature is implemented before any other features because there may be times when a font vender wants to control certain shaping of glyphs. An example of using this table is seen below. The ‘ccmp’ table maps default alphabetic forms to both a composed form essentially a ligature, GSUB lookup type 4 , and decomposed forms GSUB lookup type 2.

The rationale for the decomposition illustrated above is to take advantage of the color diacritic feature found in Microsoft applications like Word and Publisher.

Typographic Matchmaking – Building Cultural Bridges with Typeface Design, Huda Smitschuijzen Abifares A Little Girl’s Dream?, Eleanor Von Duyke, Dwight Wallington Aestheticism .

The story of the assassinated Moroccan leader was related in the book. Mehdi ordered me to sit down as he stood all the time: He was conscious of his short stature and felt more comfortable with people as tall as he was. Ben Barka was the math teacher of prince Hassan II since and had convinced the monarch Mohamed 5 to open the public schools to girls in Via phone calls, this leader Ben Barka teleguided armed groups disseminated all over the country.

The chief of police was at his order, same as most directors in public institutions and most dailies. When in public political positions, Mahdi kept 20 phone lines constantly active:


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Typographic Matchmaking Building Cultural Bridges Typographic Matchmaking Building Cultural Bridges – In this site is not the thesame as a solution calendar you buy in a book hoard or download off the web. Our over 9, manuals and Ebooks is the explanation why.

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TheSansTypewriter[ edit ] It is a monospaced variant with ragged strokes. It included fonts in regular and bold weights in the widest TheSansMono width, with complementary italic fonts. It uses hanging monospaced figures. TheSerif[ edit ] It is a slab serif font family. It included fonts in 8 weights and 1 width, with complementary italic fonts.

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Discover how designers play with dimension and space to create mindbending optical illusions that leap off the page—and wall, and screen. Enter your email to download this article from HOW magazine. This informative guide includes type combinations with highly detailed, visual examples to help inspire your next design project. From the Introduction to Type Teams Choosing a typeface is a bit like deciding what music to listen to.

Typefaces are chosen for specific reasons too: Continuing with the music analogy, most people like at least two or three musical styles; maybe some Bluegrass or Art Punk with a few show tunes thrown in for good measure. So to the big question: There are plenty of established principles and tricks that can help you make a decision and many of them are explained in this book, but putting together typefaces in perfect combination is ultimately as subjective as it is scientific, as personal as it is informed, and as debated as it is agreed upon.

With legibility taking second place over style, a solid partner is needed for any accompanying text, and Akzidenz Grotesk fits the bill given its late nineteenth-century origins. The s Remembered Juniper has a distinct s air about it but is in fact an Adobe Originals typeface designed by Joy Redick in Sophisticated Expanded Influence Hoefler and Co. It can look sophisticated and straightforward at the same time and blend in or jump out as required.

Research Square // Aje // Rubriq

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I bought this book on Saturday, August 4, At the time of writing the author was sixteen years old. At the age of four he was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. The books has made me doubt my own ideas about being in the autism spectrum. Minimal touching In the past week, I worked on a program for finding minimal touching solutions for the Chinese Wooden Puzzle , which is based on an earlier version of the program.

First I worked on a version that would extend partial solutions such that pieces of the same colour are always connected, because I thought it would be easier to do the counting of extra touchings introduced. However, this algorithm did not find all solutions that it should find, a bug that would require some serious work.

What is multi-script typography all about

The historical and current relations between the Netherlands and the Gulf region show a range of varied connections and interactions, but in it also a kind of continuity, perhaps in its diversity. In most cases the relations were just coincidental or mostly pragmatic, but in some cases there have been much intenser collaborations that have partly helped shape nascent nations. The Netherlands are a small country, on the edge of an open plain bordering on the sea, which can be both its enemy and its lifeline.

Holland owes a considerable part of its prosperity to the sea, through fishing, trade with nearby and more distant nations, financing, its skills in controlling the powers of the sea and its position as a transportation and logistics hub, which it has remained to date. In these respects there are some striking similarities between the Netherlands and the Gulf states. The first documented connections with the region started in the first half of the 16th century.

Some typographic families include faces that differ in attributes other than weight, width or slope. For example, a family might include variations for “handwriting”, “caption”, “display”, “optical size”, etc.

One of the reasons argued for the Typographic Matchmaking is, that because of the poor matches between the Arabic and Latin fonts, most bilingual design projects in the Middle East start in English before getting translated. Too often, the street sign you meet in the Middle East are written in a way that forces the Arabic language to adjust to the Latin language. The basic idea is thus to create new fonts that work both in Latin and Arabic, and especially to find types that create harmony between the different language structures.

The aim of the project in the City, is also to bring back the sense of belonging to fast growing multicultural cities in the Arabic environment. One of the big challenges here, is how to deal with a visually already overcharged space. New alternative spaces within the contemporary, shopping dependent, urban structure may engage inhabitants on many levels and create a more emotional relationship with the direct environment and the larger world.

Another important reason is the demand for Arabic identity in the West. I could very well imagine that even people who do not speak Arabic, can connect to their roots through the presence of Arabic script.

Typographic Matchmaking

The domain has significantly developed over the past decade by raising various creative challenges in developing innovative regional design. Here is our selection of the most redundant design choices to be seen in Arabic design, and hopefully to be avoided from now on. But really, how bling can your color choice be?

The “Baseball: It’s a Numbers Game” poster was selected as one of the best designs in the U.S. in As one of only 62 pieces selected from the Far West region, the poster is featured in both the magazine and in the online Print magazine. It’s here: the design industry’s most well-respected annual.

Like a treasure hunt that never ends, Arabesque exhibits extensive works of Arabic graphic design along with various gems culled from the richly intricate and detailed Arabic visual culture. Ben Wittner, Sascha Thoma, and Nicolas Bourquin Thrown onto an island, the treasure hunter is lost and unknowing of what awaits, but with more time spent on the island, he discovers more about the culture.

Without any prior knowledge on Arabic graphic design, one can only appreciate the beautiful artworks on a superficial level while turning the pages of the book. Once, twice, thrice, the more one browses its content, the more details his eyes catch. In spite of the rough odyssey, Arabic visual culture is significantly gaining greater attention and acceptance globally.

Arabic words themselves are a form of art, but Arabic graphic design does not just end there. As the reader indulges in the riches within the treasure trove, he discovers new details, hence tracing back and forth the route to pick up what he has previously missed out. Walking to and fro, one will unearth the finest of the lot: Offer ends Sep

Installing Webfonts

A Typographic Maghribi Trialogue This multiscript typeface system aims at exploring a conceptual relationship between 3 different writing systems: Arabic, Latin and Tifinagh rather than a purely visual one. It started off as an homage to the work of the brilliant calligrapher Al-Qasim al-Qandusi d.

free fonts matched the search for ‘typography’.

Edition of 5 Ex. The project The handwriting of people varies. Yet, contrary to widespread belief, it is not a completely personal and individual thing: As school is generally organised nationally, one can distinguish handwriting styles from different countries and periods. In his degree project, Florian Hardwig has researched the forms of school script and the various models that are used for teaching children how to write.

The analysis focuses on Latin script and writing models mainly younger than 50 years. The normative power of primary script and its cultural-historical importance — beyond the classroom — has yet to be recognised in the realm of typography. It is dedicated to the discourse and exchange between the disciplines, in order to improve how letter and text culture writing, reading, but also typographic production of readable texts is conveyed in the classroom.

More information and registration at schusterfisch. What makes a letterform feel Italian — or German? I have explored local preferences for shaping Latin letters and how these are rooted in the respective handwriting and lettering tradition. How do contemporary type designers and graphic artists make use of these distinctive vernacular forms for script fonts or lettering work?

Thesis (typeface)

These essays frame and contextualize the research and designs presented by the five teams participating in the Typographic Matchmaking in the City project. They briefly shed light on the function and role of text in architectural spaces, discussing specific historical and contemporary examples from cities like Beirut, Dubai, Muscat, Cairo, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and addressing the various roles of monumental typography in public space. In addition, the book presents the research projects of the 5 teams in a fully illustrated sketchbook style that visually explains the design process leading to the final results of public art propositions and typefaces.

This book, like the design research project that preceded it, provides concrete observations on differences as well as shared principles between the Latin and Arabic scripts, and on cultural and architectural conventions for the use of typographic design in three-dimensional urban space in different cities and cultural contexts.

It raises thoughtful questions and provides useful tools that designers can use in creating new works for interventions in their own cities.

Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography.

But typography can optimize that work…If you ignore typography, you are ignoring an opportunity to improve both your writing and your advocacy. After graduating magna-cum-laude from a visual design curriculum at Harvard, he worked with leading type designers and then created a successful web-design company. Looking for a new challenge, he undertook legal studies — where he soon became aware of the glaring shortcomings in the presentation quality of documents produced by the legal profession.

Butterick set out to improve the legibility, readability and — consequently — the persuasive ability of legal documents and correspondence. As the author explains, his book is based on three core principles: Typography in legal documents should be held to the same standards as any professionally published material.

Any lawyer can master the essentials of good typography. Practice the typography recommendations of Matthew Butterick, Esq. With our Salary Guide, get detailed job descriptions, industry insights and local salary data to equip your managers with hiring confidence and expertise. Get email updates about more content like this.

Typographic Matchmaking in the city